Thousands every year flock to Marbella for its incredible beaches, gastronomy but above all else for the fantastic weather. The annual average temperature is 18.5C and with 320 days of sunshine every year, it’s no wonder Marbella continues to lure visitors worldwide.

However, it´s not just the Summer season that attracts so many, Marbella has a unique microclimate that ensures good weather all year around. The Sierra Blanca mountain range and the Concha mountain to the North of Marbella, shelter the town from strong winds and rain. So even though neighbouring towns such as Fuengirola or Estepona may be suffering from rough seas and storms, Marbella remains unscathed and continues to enjoy calm and pleasant weather conditions.

Do you remember last year´s extreme heat wave? Well, if you were based in Marbella, you wouldn’t. As all areas of the Costa del Sol were put under serious yellow alert and reporting temperatures as high as 40º. Marbella, located only 14km away from Africa, was left virtually unaffected. A further example of Marbella´s amazing microclimate.

Weather records show that the average daily temperature in summer is 28º C and with only 45 days of rain per year, is it any wonder Marbella is such a geographical hot spot? Rain falls usually from November through to March but is a weather condition, commonly appreciated, as this maintains the beautiful green landscape, Marbella is so known for. 

Winter sees average daily temperatures of 17 to 18 degrees so you can still wear light clothes long after the Summer months are over. Marbella provides endless opportunities to sunbathe, swim, golf and enjoy the outdoors meaning you can say goodbye to extreme Summers and Winters forever.